Important information about renting a motorcycle

General rental conditions

Your rental will be subject to the following minimum rental requirements (Dream Spirits Rentals and More):

Minimum age

You must be at least 22 years old to rent an Indian motorcycle (varies by state)


Payment Policies / Credit Card

A valid credit card is required for the on-site payment of the rental motorcycle, as well as for the payment of optional additional services and / or for the deposit of the deposit (VISA, etc.)

If you do not have a credit card, payment for the rental motorcycle and optional additional services and the deposit at the station can also be made in cash on request.

After confirmation by our reservation center, the deposit is between 750 and 2,500 US $.

The deposit will be released to you after you have returned the rental vehicle, unless you have caused damage to the vehicle. The deposit is not debited from your credit card account when the vehicle is handed over, it is only blocked. Any fluctuations in the exchange rate and bank charges are at your expense.

Tenant requirements

The lease agreement:

We ask you to have the following ready at the DREAM SPIRITS RENTALS AND MORE rental counter:

• a valid driving license from a European country

• the valid passport

• the booking confirmation or the rental motorcycle voucher

• a credit card with the name of the main tenant to deposit the deposit or to pay for other services booked on site

When completing a booking, you confirm that you are in possession of a valid driver's license required for the rental and accept the general terms and conditions.

For a better understanding, we offer German rental agreements. Please ask for this when you rent the vehicle on site.

Your rental contract will be drawn up on the basis of the insurance package booked in advance. If you decide on additional services on site, these will be added to the rental agreement.

Additional rental guidelines

Your rental will be subject to the following additional rental policies:

Mileage policy (miles)
“Mileage Fees” (miles) may apply to day rentals.
With a daily rental you have 150 free miles.
More miles are charged at US $ 0.50 per mile.

Fuel directive

For all motorcycles that you have rented, your motorcycle was handed over to you with a full tank and you return it with a full tank. For filling at the station, we charge 5.00 US dollars per gallon. All motorcycles must always be refueled with Premium Plus (92 octane).

Additional Driver Guidelines
Additional drivers must be present when picking up the motorcycle and must be noted on the rental agreement with their valid driver's license. A fee of up to US $ 5 (Can $ 10) per day is payable for each additional driver, unless a package including an additional driver has been booked.

Driving regions
All USA states can be traveled with the rental motorcycle, but not Mexico. In the event of a breach of the insurance conditions, these will become irrevocable and the renter is responsible for all damage.

Prohibited driving areas: gravel roads (and the like), unpaved roads, beaches and non-public roads, closed roads, impassable roads due to natural events.

Mexico: Customers are prohibited from entering Mexico on US bikes (from Dream Spirits Rentals to More) without written permission.

Death Valley Warning: It is not recommended to go to Death Valley in July and August.

All vehicles must be returned to DREAM SPIRITS RENTALS AND MORE - at the rental station in the USA.
One-way rentals on request!

Important driver's license data that entitles you to drive a motorcycle


Our rentals accept a valid driver's license from your home country, which shows that you are authorized to drive a motorcycle that matches the motorcycle you are renting. Please note that the laws of the state in which you are renting your vehicle also apply to your rental.

Two-wheeled vehicles: motorcycles
All 50 states require some type of motorcycle endorsement on your driver's license that corresponds to the motorcycle you are renting.

Tricycles: Trikes
A note for three-wheeled vehicles may be required.


Driving licenses from the European Union (Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands , Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden):

  • A1/A2 - Allows the rental of scooters.
  • A - Allows motorbikes or scooters to be rented.
  • B1 - Allows three-wheeled vehicles to be rented.

Licenses / Driver's Licenses Issued by Canada:

  • Grade 6 - For all provinces except Ontario


  • Class M1/M2: Allows the rental of scooters.
  • Class M: Allows the rental of motorcycles or scooters.
  • Class M Condition M: Allows you to rent three-wheeled vehicles.

Licenses / Driver's Licenses issued by Australia:

  • R-Daate - Allows the use of scooters.
  • R - Allows motorcycles or scooters to be driven.

Driving licenses from Brazil:

  • Category A - Marking on your driver's license to drive any motorcycle or scooter. International driver's licenses (not required for rental): International driving licenses are only valid together with your national driving license.

You will not receive a motorcycle without a valid driver's license, even if you still had a driver's license when you made the reservation. You will then not get your money back for the reservation.

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